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The Sunday Times strongly supported the stationing of American cruise missiles in bases in Britain after the Soviet Union installed SS-20s in Eastern Europe, and it criticised the resurgent Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament. Neil also wrote editorials supporting the United States invasion of Grenada because it would restore democracy there, despite opposition from Hugo Young. Neil replied to Young that he wanted the editorial stance of The Sunday Times to be "neo-Keynesian in economic policy, radical right in industrial policy, liberal on social matters and European and Atlanticist on foreign policy". In Neil's first year as the paper's editor, The Sunday Times had revealed the date of the deployment of cruise missiles, exposed how Mark Thatcher had channelled the gains from his consultancy business into a bank account and reported on Robert Mugabe's atrocities in Matabeleland. Neil also printed extracts from Germaine Greer's Sex and Destiny and from Francis Pym's anti-Thatcher autobiography, as well as a study of the "Patels of Britain", a celebration of the success of Britain's Asian community.