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As the talk show's host, Kyle was known to react with hostility and anger towards those who he sees as having acted improperly. Paul Vallely related an intervention by Kyle in 2007: "'I don't mean to be judgemental,' he adjudges. 'I'm just trying to help you in the little time I've got, but you too are both as bad as each other. ' Minutes later he turns to one of them. 'Do something about your anger issues,' he says, evidently not realising he too is shouting". Accused of having a patronising attitude towards many of his guests, Kyle has been accused of exploitation. He has expressed a belief he was acting in the best interests of the guests and is intent on helping to solve their personal problems. After the show had been running for nearly four years, Kyle said over 300 people in rehabilitation which was funded by the programme. Critics, however, have said that Kyle's reactions and comments are repetitive and well-worn, such as "Put something on the end of it!" in the context of birth control, or his annoyance at unemployed fathers.