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Gascoigne captained Newcastle United's youth team to the FA Youth Cup in the 1984–85 season, and scored twice in the 4–1 victory over Watford in the final at Vicarage Road. The youth team team included players like Joe Allon, Gary Kelly, Kevin Scott, Paul Stephenson, Ian Bogie, Brian Tinnion and Jeff Wrightson all who made a professional career in the game, either at Newcastle or elsewhere. . On the run Newcastle beat Everton, Man City, Leeds United, Coventry City and Birmingham City, scoring 20 goals and conceding 3. They then met Watford in the final. In the first leg of the final they drew 0-0. Allon states that Newcastle were unusually poor in the first leg, but in the second leg Newcastle smashed them, with Gascoigne being instrumental as the conductor. In the match Gascoigne nutmegged a Watford player. The lad turned around and Gascoigne megged him again. . . For this the Newcastle youth coach Jimmy Nelson, shouted “Behave yourself!” Gascoigne then demonstrated his composure and timing and, whilst on the ball, whilst under pressure from some pressing, with a second to spare, he smiled and winked back at the coaching staff who had just shouted at him. Nelson then remembers, after the smile and wink, Gascoigne struck a 50 yard pass onto the feet of Joe Allon. Nelson believes with this pass, Joe Allon then went on to score. It was in the second leg that Charlton also realized Newcastle had a player. Gascoigne first goal in the match was a header, his second goal was the goal that impressed Charlton and his assistant Maurice Setters. Charlton described the goal as a goal you'd only see once in a lifetime. After he scored the goal Charlton said to Setters, "If you live to be a hundred, Maurice, you'll never see a better goal than that. "