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Church's personal life has often been reported in UK tabloid newspapers, inspiring the song "Let's Be Alone" on her album Tissues and Issues. [citation needed] At age 15 she was criticised for remarks attributed to her by the New York Post in which she allegedly criticised "the hero status afforded to New York firefighters" in the aftermath of the 11 September 2001 attacks. She apologised for the remarks one month later, as well as at the Leveson Inquiry in 2011, stating that her comments were taken out of context. In a 2006 interview with Davina McCall, she agreed being diplomatic was "not in her nature". In November 2011, Church testified before the Leveson Inquiry about the media intrusion into her personal life stating "I've been made a caricature for so long, and this person portrayed in the tabloids really isn't me. It's not the person I am, and it's had a massive impact on my career. As an artist, I find it hard to be taken seriously because my credibility has been blown to bits. " On 27 February 2012 Church accepted £600,000 in damages and costs in settlement of a lawsuit arising out of the News International phone hacking scandal. She had claimed that 33 stories about her that appeared in the News of the World were the product of illegal hacking into her family's voicemail. After the settlement was announced in open court she made a lengthy statement in which she said, "I have also discovered that despite the apology which the newspaper has just given in court, these people were prepared to go to any lengths to prevent me exposing their behaviour. They are not truly sorry. They are just sorry they got caught. "