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Adele Roberts (born 9 March 1979) is a DJ and personal assistant from Southport. She was one of the original twelve Housemates to enter the house on Day 1. She had a flirtatious relationship with Lee, before revealing to him that she was bisexual and had a girlfriend outside of the house. Despite this, the two remained close friends in the house. Adele also had a close friendship with housemate Jade, though the two at times argued in the house. In her last few weeks in the house, Adele had an extremely close friendship with housemate Alex. She initially felt close to housemate Alison as they were "both black", however, Adele later felt that Alison did not really like her. Adele proved to be quite popular amongst her fellow housemates, and received no nominations in the first three rounds of nominations. On Day 39, it was revealed that Adele had been nominated for eviction, along with Jade, Jonny, and Kate. On Day 43, it was revealed that Adele had been evicted from the house, having received 62% of the public vote. She was disliked by viewers of the series, and exited the house to an extremely negative reception from the crowd. She came in seventh place.