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The couple's best known programme was This Morning, which they hosted from 1988 until 2001. The series, a mix of celebrity interviews, household tips, cookery and phone-ins lasted approximately two hours each weekday morning on ITV. This live show set the standard for daytime fare in British television throughout the 1990s. It first aired in October 1988 and was broadcast from the Albert Dock in Liverpool, although production moved to London in 1996. Madeley and Finnigan were so closely associated with the show, that many people referred to the show as This Morning with Richard and Judy or simply Richard and Judy. In December 2000, at the 6th National Television Awards, This Morning won the Daytime Programme category. Both Richard and Judy accepted the award, in which Finnigan suffered a wardrobe malfunction which exposed her bra and breast to the audience at the Royal Albert Hall and millions of television viewers. Once Madeley had noticed the malfunction, he sharply quipped "If you vote for us next year, she'll show you both of them!" much to the delight of the whooping audience. [citation needed]