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The same day Dawson and Cooney published their respective videos, YouTuber Jaclyn Glenn, a former friend of Cooney's, published a video on her channel featuring herself as well as YouTubers David Michael Frank and Evangeline DeMuro. In it, the trio claim that Dawson's video ignores many important details about Cooney's recovery. They also claim that each of them has attempted to discuss Cooney's health with her in the past, but Cooney would always say that she is fine and that there is no problem. The three further explain that prior to Cooney's social media break, the three of them staged an intervention by inviting both Cooney and the Los Angeles Psychiatric Evaluation Team (PET) to Glenn's residence where the PET could interview Cooney. After the PET met with Cooney, the team placed a 5150 hold on Cooney under the Lanterman–Petris–Short Act and took her into rehab. Glenn goes on to claim that following this decision, Cooney's mother screamed and swore at Glenn over the phone and called the police in an attempt to have Glenn arrested for kidnapping. Following all of this, Glenn has stated that she believes Cooney is still in danger and at very high risk of relapse since Cooney is back with her mother.