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Set in an apparently middle class English village, Untitled Goose Game sees players control a goose which can honk, run, flap its wings, and grab objects with their beak to bother various human villagers. The village is split up into multiple areas, which each have a to-do list of objectives to accomplish, such as stealing certain objects or tricking humans into doing certain actions. When enough of these objectives are cleared (one less than the total amount present), an additional objective is added which, once cleared, allows the goose to move onto the next area. After completing four areas, the goose enters a miniature model of the village. There, the goose steals a bell before going back through the previous areas while the villagers try to stop them. In the game’s ending, it is revealed the goose had previously stolen many bells prior to the game's events. There are also several hidden optional objectives, many of which require traversing between multiple areas or completing an area within a time limit.