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After failing to secure a fight with fellow lightweight champion Ricky Burns, Adrien Broner decided to move up two weight classes to welterweight in order to fight Malignaggi. On March 10, 2013 the fight was made official. Richard Schaefer confirmed the fight would take place on June 22 at the Barclays Center in Brooklyn. In front of 11,461 on fight night, Broner defeated Malignaggi in a split decision, with one judge scoring the fight 115-113 for Malignaggi, and the other two scoring 117-111 and 115-113 for Broner, making him a 3 weight world champion at just 23 years of age. Malignaggi started the fight fast and aggressive, throwing many punches and applying his jab often. Broner found his timing by the middle of the fight, effectively timing Malignaggi with lead right hands and counter left hooks. CompuBox had Broner landing 246 (47%) of his total punches, and 214 (51%) of his power punches. Malignaggi landed 120 jabs throughout the fight, but only 94 (25%) power punches. Though there was some contention at ringside after the fight as to who deserved the split decision, The Associated Press agreed with the two judges who scored the fight for Broner, mirroring the score of 117-111 by one judge. Throughout the fight, Broner taunted Malignaggi repeatedly telling him, "You can't hit me. " The pre fight was ugly and when the fight was over, they did not embrace in the ring. During the post fight interview, Broner started to show some respect, "He's a world-class fighter, and I respect him. To come to somebody's hometown and beat them on a split decision, that's saying something. This was a tremendous win for me. I mean, who's doing it like me? Nobody. " He then went on to say, "I came into town, and I got his belt and his girl. " Malignaggi claimed there was corruption and that Al Haymon had New York judge Tom Schreck (117-111) "in his pocket". He also threatened to quit boxing. He said, "In my hometown, as the defending champion, I felt like I should have got it. " Broner earned a career-high $1. 5 million compared to Malignaggi, who also earned a career-high $1. 125 million purse.